Police helicopter scrambled in late-night search in Maidstone

police helicopter and large police presences in shanklin

A police helicopter was scrambled to carry out a search  in the early hours of Thursday  morning following a request from Kent Police


Officers were called to the Park Wood area of Maidstone at around 12.50am on  Thursday morning (November 5th).

Eye-witnesses told how the force helicopter was circling the area for around for about an hour.

One resident said: “The helicopter was over our house and a police car came down from Sutton Road

Another added: “I saw the helicopter it for ages from my bedroom window. It was circling around then stopped really close.

“It was hovering with a searchlight for 20-odd minutes. It woke me up.”

Police in Kent  confirmed that they called on the air support  that is   part of an active investigation but was unable to release any further details