Students angered by fences put up around their halls of residence have pulled down the barriers in protest

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The fences were erected on Thursday at the University of Manchester’s Fallowfield campus as a “security measure” to “help avoid the mixing of households”.
But the measure – which was not explained to residents until after the fences went up – caused unrest among students, who protested on Thursday evening and pulled the barriers down.
The university subsequently issued an apology and said the fences would be removed on Friday.
An advert for a coronavirus “passport” app, which has been promoted by Zara Tindall, has been referred to the medical regulator over concerns it contradicts health guidance.
The V-Health Passport allows Covid test results to be uploaded to a phone – meaning people can demonstrate they are safe to attend sports and other events.
But in an ad to promote it, Mrs Tindall is shown having an antibody test.
Government guidance says those do not test if you currently have the virus.
VST Enterprises, which owns the app, said the particular antibody test it used in the advert could identify “the early stages of infection”.
The platform has been submitted to the government as a way of getting fans safely back into sports stadiums, VST Enterprises said.
India recorded 47,638 new cases of the novel coronavirus, taking its total to 8.41 million, data from the health ministry showed on Friday.
India has the world’s second-highest caseload behind the United States, but has seen a steady dip in cases since September, in spite of the start of the Hindu festival season.
Deaths rose by 670 in the last 24 hours, taking total mortalities to 124,985, the ministry said.