A prominent Birmingham gang member is back behind bars after Police arrested him for flouting the terms of his prison release licence by appearing in a gang drill video

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Jodecie Daley, from Erdington, thought he’d obscured his identity with a face covering when he appeared in the video uploaded to YouTube last month.
He was wrong.
Officers from  West Midlands Police Gang Unit – who have detailed knowledge of people linked to gangs and can spot them on sight – suspected Daley played a part in the 23 Drillas clip which incites gang violence.
Officers also discovered the 24-year-old – released from prison in July having served half of a five-year term for dealing crack cocaine – had been flouting his 6.30pm to 6.30am home curfew by straying out at night.
So yesterday they arrested him and he’s now been returned to jail.
He’ll initially be recalled for 28 days but we’ll be pushing for him to be kept behind bars to serve the remainder of his sentence till 11 January 2023.
Detective Inspector Dawn Burns from our Gangs & Organised Crime Unit, said: “Daley belongs to a core of gang members linked to violence and drugs. People can rest assured we are onto these individuals and doing all we can to disrupt their activity.
“Gang Injunctions are one way of controlling the behaviour of people we believe are linked to organised crime. They come with conditions like exclusion zones, non-association with other suspected gang members or sometimes creative ones like Daley’s grime video ban.
“Our officers know which men are subject of injunctions, recognise them on sight, and will arrest them should they breach any of the terms.
“We will help anyone who wants to exit gangs and live a more fulfilling life. But for those intent on causing trouble and committing crime, we won’t let up in our pursuit of them.”
Armed officers stopped Daley in a Vauxhall Corsa in Washwood Heath Road on 10 January 2018 and found him inside with 54 wraps of crack cocaine in a ‘man bag’.
He admitted drug dealing and was jailed for five years in February 2018.
Back in 2017 we also secured a Gang Injunction against Daley after we found evidence of him appearing in grime videos uploaded by “23 Drillas” in which coded threats were aimed at rival groups.
The civil order – which runs until September 2021 – bans him from appearing in videos glorifying gang violence, associating with other named gang suspects, possessing more than one mobile phone or SIM card, and driving any cars not registered with the police.
It also prohibits Daley – who uses the street name ‘Ojay’ – from entering large swathes of north Birmingham, plus the Arcadian Centre.