A Telford man has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for attempted murder and a witness to the attack has been honoured for his bravery

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Stephen Carless, aged 61 of Ketley Park Road, Telford, was sentenced today at Stafford Crown Court for attempted murder, GBH and stalking and harassment offences. He was given a 21 year jail term and a life-long restraining order regarding the victim and a witness.
The attack took place in the early hours of 14 October 2019 when Carless was seen assaulting a woman on Hadley Road in Oakengates. The court heard how Carless had waited for the victim to leave her home and followed her.
A man walking his dog, Adam Myatt saw the attack and tried to help the victim before he was threatened by Carless. Adam then stayed out of sight but remained in the area to call the police. When Carless left the scene Adam went to help the woman and found she had been stabbed several times leaving her with significant injuries. He stayed with her and called the ambulance service.
Carless returned to the area with the knife and threatened the witnesses before fleeing the scene again. He arrested by police later that day.
Detective Constable Emily Atkinson said: “We are extremely pleased with the sentence handed out today for this extremely violent attack. I am pleased to see this aggressive man taken off the streets and for such a significant amount of time.
“Thanks to Adams bravery the victim received the medical care she needed and we were able to apprehend Carless. If it wasn’t for Adams quick thinking and selfless actions the victim may not have survived.
“We are therefore extremely pleased that Adam has been honoured with a High Sheriffs’ Award to recognise his extraordinary courage. Adam went above and beyond what any reasonable person might do in this situation and this honour is extremely well deserved.”