Aughton. BREAKING Ormskirk

A group ransacked the house with elderly couple in their eighties inside, taking a quantity of cash

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Police  are appealing for information after an elderly couple’s home was raided by a group of men in Aughton.

It happened at around 6pm last night (Monday, November 2) when four men have knocked on the door of a house in the Black Moss Lane area.

One of the occupants, woman in her eighties, has gone to answer when the men have rushed through the door claiming to be police officers.

The group have ransacked the house with the couple inside, taking a quantity of cash.

Police are asking anyone who knows anything about the incident to come forward.

DC Kate Finch from Ormskirk Police said: “To subject an elderly couple in their eighties to this ordeal, in their own home where they should be and feel safe, is utterly callous. They must have been terrified.

“Thankfully they were not physically injured but they are understandably very shaken up after their ordeal.

“Whilst we know that some money was taken, we are still going through the house to check whether anything else was stolen during the raid.

“I am asking anyone who saw or has any information about it to speak to us.”

The men involved are described as having potentially Irish or Geordie accents, white and were wearing dark clothing and black masks. One was approximately 6ft tall and aged 30-35, the others were around 20-30 years old and of stocky builds.

DC Finch added: “Whilst we don’t yet know whether this couple were deliberately targeted, we have stepped up patrols in the area and I would encourage anyone with concerns to approach an officer.

“I would also advise people to stop before they answer the door, make sure you have your chain or door bar in place and always check for ID before letting anyone in. If you are not expecting a visitor, do not know who is at the door or feel uncomfortable, do not open the door.”

If you have any information, please call 101 quoting incident reference 1110 of November 2nd.