Cat ‘dies’ after being ‘strapped to a firework and blasted into the air’ as police launch appeal to find evil thug responsible

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A cat is reported to have died after being strapped to a firework in Wrexham.
Police said the body of the cat is yet to be found, but they believe it is somewhere on the Queensway playing fields.
Officers have searched the fields, but they say the area is ‘too large’.
According to the NWP Wrexham Town account on Facebook, the reports are being taken ‘very seriously’ and an appeal has been made to help find the person responsible.
Writing on Facebook, they said: ‘Reports to the police that a pet cat has sadly died after being strapped to a firework in the Queensway area.
NWP take reports like this very seriously. Please try and help us find who was responsible.
‘Following on from the previous post regarding pet cat, we are struggling to find the cat’s body. We are told it’s on Queensway playing fields.