Police have issued two Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) following a house party in Swindon

police have issued two fixed penalty notices fpns following a house party in swindon

Officers were called to an address on Manchester Road shortly after 3.15am this morning (07/11) following reports of a house party.

Due to the current Government restrictions, gatherings such as a house parties are expressively prohibited.

Upon arrival at the house, a number of guests ran off but officers gave chase and stopped them.

As a result, FPNs were issued to two people. We will now be reviewing the incident and deciding if any further action is required.

Superintendent Ben Mant said: “The current Government restrictions are in place to save lives – it is that simple.

“Organising or attending a house party is a flagrant breach of the restrictions and could put people’s lives at risk.

“We are now in the second national lockdown and not knowing the rules is not an excuse.

“I would urge anyone else considering breaching to the rules to take this incident as a warning – we will not tolerate clear or persistent breaches to the rules.”

For a full rundown of the current restrictions, see