France’s prime minister has warned the second wave of coronarvirus has “brutally” and “violently” arrived in the country after 90,000 cases were recorded in a single day

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The figure of 86,852 COVID-19 cases reported by the country’s health ministry for Saturday is a record high for the third day in a row, authorities said, although they added that there had been accidental under-reporting earlier in the week.

Total coronavirus cases in France have reached 1,748,705 – the fifth highest tally globally – and linked deaths have also exceeded 40,000. Some 27,660 people are being treated in hospital.

A Scottish CalMac ferry is undergoing a deep clean after three crew members tested positive for coronavirus.

The MV Isle of Lewis ferry has been returned from Barra to Oban following the announcement of Covid cases.

Bosses said a relief crew will be brought in to operate the vessel once it returns to service.

Robert Morrison, operations director for CalMac, said: “Three crew members from the Isle of Lewis have received positive tests for Covid-19.

“In line with strict procedures, the vessel was returned from Barra to Oban without passengers and will undergo a deep clean by a specialist company.

“A relief crew is being brought in to operate the vessel once it returns safely to service.

“CalMac crew work in strict bubbles in order to protect passengers and colleagues but anyone concerned about potential symptoms should check the NHS Inform website.”