A 17-year-old male remains in police custody following the pursuit of a stolen scooter in Lewisham

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At approximately 3.45pm,  on Saturday November 8th officers from the Met’s Operation Venice Team, working with unmarked units from the Mets Violent Crime Taskforce (VCTF), spotted the rider of a scooter acting suspiciously in Lewisham Town Centre.

A computer search revealed that the scooter had been stolen last month from a car park in the local area.

As officers travelled along Lewisham High Street toward Lewisham Road they saw the scooter travelling toward them at speed; the scooter made off from them and a blue light pursuit was authorised.

As police turned into Rennell Street, they could see the scooter rider making off at speed on the wrong side of the road heading towards a one-way system back toward Lewisham High Street. He cut through a red light and attempted to mount the pavement, but instead lost control and skidded down the pavement before hitting a sign post

The rider got back onto his feet and ran off into Limes Grove, being chased by police on foot. A member of the public helped to detain the suspect on the floor. Officers arrested the rider.

The male was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop for police, aggravated taking and driving away, drugs supply of cannabis and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon.

He was also wanted for failing to appear at court in Birmingham.

Police Sergeant Tony McGovern, from Operation Venice, said: “I would firstly like to thank the individual who helped to detain this male for his brave actions. If he had not have intervened it might have been possible for the suspect to get away from us and there would have been two more knives on our streets.

There is absolutely no need for anyone of any age to be in possession of these horrendous weapons. For all my years in policing I have rarely seen anyone carry what almost looks like a sword! This has been an excellent piece of policing that has removed a dangerous individual off the streets.

Operation Venice officers will always pursue moped and scooter offenders when it is safe to do so. We are equipped with the appropriate tools and tactics that help us to reduce moped-enabled crime, but the public can help us further. I’d ask anyone who owns a moped, motorbike or scooter to follow our ‘Lock, Chain and Cover’ advice on how to keep your vehicle secure and stop criminals using them to commit their crimes.”