Seventeen assaults and hate campaign on Kent Police officers has led to a Northfleet woman being jailed



Janet Waller committed the offences during three separate calls to her address between May and September 2020.


The 32-year-old, of Pier Road, admitted all 17 charges against her and was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday 6 November 2020.

She was also sentenced for malicious communication matters that were investigated by a different police force and was jailed for one year.


The first series of assaults took place on 14 May, after she contacted Kent Police via the force’s online live chat feature and said she needed assistance. An officer attended her address to gather further information and, as they were leaving, had a set of keys and mobile phone thrown at their leg.


Later that afternoon Waller threw a bottle at a different police officer, who was able to move out the way and avoid injury. She was arrested and carried out further offences against police, while in custody.


She was subsequently charged with six assaults against emergency service workers.


On 19 August, Waller committed a further seven acts of violence against Kent Police officers after they were called to her home address.


When they attended she admitted no incident had actually taken place and she had not called them for a legitimate reason. Over the course of her arrest, one of the officers was spat at, while the other offences consisted of either kicking or throwing an object.


The final four assaults took place on 14 September, when Waller called Kent Police to say she had removed an electronic tag that was monitoring her movements. She subsequently lunged at one officer and kicked at another. A further two officers attended to help escort her to the police station, and both were kicked at.


Sergeant Lauren Bowron, from Kent Police, said: ‘The assaults that Waller subjected our officers to were thoroughly degrading and unprovoked. While police know that their position can open them up to dangerous and unpredictable incidents, they should not have to tolerate being assaulted.


‘We made repeated attempts to engage with Waller and encourage her to change her ways and it is extremely regrettable that she was unable to respond to this encouragement. The sentence imposed by the court is proportionate and I sincerely hope she sees her time in custody as an opportunity to reform.’