Two convicted of murdering ‘cheeky charmer’ Jaydon James

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Two Coventry killers have been convicted today (10 Nov) of the murder Jaydon James – a teenager with his whole life ahead of him and now a victim of a postcode war.
Jaydon lived in Wood End, home to a notorious Coventry gang, who have a longstanding feud with another city centre based gang which have resulted in several incidents of serious violence.
On 24 November 2018, Jaydon was out with a group of friends. They went to the local bowling alley and were later captured on CCTV in Hillmorton Road where a black Peugeot car suddenly pulled up and the occupants got out and chased after the group as they starburst.
Jaydon ran down a driveway by a church where his killers caught up with him and stabbed him in the back. Jaydon managed to stagger to the church’s rear car park, where his friends found him, two of whom had also received stab wounds to their legs.
All three were helped by a member of the public until emergency services arrived, but in spite of their best efforts, Jaydon sadly died from his injuries.
He left behind his grieving mother, his brother and his sister, grandparents and uncles.
Some weeks before his death, Jaydon had confided in his mother that he feared gang members were out to assault him. Days later he was punched and robbed of his coat and mobile phone.
Detectives trawled hours of CCTV footage from the night Jaydon was murdered and traced his movements and those of his killers.
Click here to view an interview with the officer in charge of the investigation and CCTV footage.
Crucial footage from a petrol station on Sewell Highway shows Frank Kenfack in a dark Peugeot. As Kenfack got out of the front passenger seat, something appeared hidden in the back of his jacket and seemed to restrict his movement. Officers believe this was a knife used to stab the victims.
By mapping 16-year-old Kenfack’s movements and evidence from his mobile phone records, detectives were able to establish that two other passengers in the car were Bongani Ngozi, also 16, and 19-year-old Abdi Hussein Abdi. All three were arrested and charged with Jaydon’s murder, and today, Kenfack and Abdi have been found guilty of murder and two counts of wounding with intent. Bongani Ngozi was acquitted.
Det Insp Stuart Mobberley said: “This was a young boy, just 11 days after his 16th birthday, whose life was so cruelly taken away. There are no words I can say to comfort his mother and his wider family, but I hope this conviction can go some way to help them come to terms with his death.
“I don’t believe that Jaydon was targeted that night, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and his killers were simply out for revenge.”
Jaydon’s grandmother described her grandson as a ‘cheeky charmer’ who could ‘always wrap me around his finger’. She added: “My grandson had the biggest heart and would do almost anything for anybody that needed help.”
While grieving the loss of her son, known to his friends as JJ and his family as Juie, Jaydon’s mother is also grieving for the life that could have been. She said: “My son didn’t get to finish his GCSE’s or go to his school prom. I won’t see my son grow into a man, for him to have a career, to grow as a person. I won’t get to spend special occasions with him that every parent takes for granted, those special landmark birthdays 18th, 21st etc. My son won’t bring home to me the girl he has chosen to marry, I won’t see him become a father.”
Frank Kenfack, 18 of no fixed address and Abdi Hussein Abdi, 21 from Rock Close, Bell Green, Coventry, will be sentenced later today (11th November).