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Anthony Bryant, 50 from Leeds, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for conspiracy to commit burglary

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Bryant was sentenced today at York Crown Court, on which was the second day of his trial, facing charges of conspiracy to commit a number of burglaries across North and West Yorkshire.
Bryant had pleaded not guilty to all the charges, however, today pleaded guilty to one of the offences, resulting in today’s sentencing.
Between 23 May 2017 and 10 June 2017, a series of seven burglaries occurred across North and West Yorkshire including an offence in Skipton Bridge near Thirsk. The others were committed in Tadcaster, Copmanthorpe, West Lilling, Boston Spa and Leeds.
Bryant was the second of two men to be convicted of the burglaries. In April 2020, 39-year-old Steven George Lee, also from Leeds, was sentenced to 44 months in prison and disqualified from driving for 18 months after pleading guilty to all charges against him.
A third suspect who had been arrested for the burglaries back in 2017 died before any charges were brought against him.
PC Nicki Gill said:
“Bryant and Lee carefully planned the targeted burglaries and have never shown any mercy for their crimes. They searched every room in those houses and stole things of sentimental and financial value; things that can never be replaced. They damaged possessions, stole children’s money boxes and within minutes of the burglaries used stolen bank cards to buy fuel and cigarettes.
“Thanks to the vigilance of observant locals, Police were given crucial information to help identify the offenders.
“I want to thank all of the witnesses who came forward, we could not have got this result without you. To all the victims, thank you for your patience we hope you, your families and children will feel safer knowing this man is in jail and will be staying there for a long time.”
Dave Pegg from York & Selby Investigation Hub added;
“Bryant’s sentence is a good example of the lengths to which the police are willing and able to go to in order to secure convictions for burglary dwelling offences.
“This type of offence is despicable and has a long-lasting negative impact on those affected.
“The victims, in this case, have been reassured that this sound, lengthy, investigation has been reflected in the sentencing and they are pleased with today’s result”.