A man who threatened a 17-year-old boy with a screwdriver and robbed him of £30 cash in Peterborough has been jailed

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Omar Afzal, 31, came across his teenage victim who was walking to Iceland in Lincoln Road at about 5.45pm on 21 May this year.
He stopped him, claiming he knew his father and asked to borrow a phone to call a taxi. Telling him he didn’t have one on him, Afzal managed to flag down a passing taxi and asked the victim if he could get his dad’s phone number.
The pair then started walking across the car park at the back of Iceland so Afzal could get a pen and paper from a nearby petrol station when the victim realized Afzal was holding a screwdriver in his hand.
Upon the victim noticing this, Afzal’s demeanour changed and he turned on the boy, demanding he hand over cash.
Fearing he would be stabbed, the boy handed over £30 before being told not to move while Afzal made off.
The boy returned home and relayed the ordeal to his family who spoke to friends in the local area asking if they knew anyone matching the description of the offender. A photo was sent to the boy’s father, who was recognised by the victim as the man who robbed him.
Police were contacted the following day and officers were able to identify the offender as Omar Afzal who was arrested at his home in Granville Street a few days later.
Afzal was charged with robbery and possession of an offensive weapon, which he denied, however, was found guilty of both counts on Thursday (5 November) following a two-day trial at Peterborough Crown Court.
He appeared at the same court on Friday (6 November) where he was sentenced to a total of two years and four months in prison and made the subject of a four-year restraining order.
DC Gordon Logan said: “This was a frightening incident for the victim who genuinely feared for his life at the hands of Afzal. I’m pleased we have been able to put him behind bars where he will have plenty of time to reflect on his actions and hopefully make better choices in the future.”