Essex Airport Police officer sacked after misusing a taser

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An officer has been found to have committed gross misconduct after using force with a Conducted Energy Device (commonly referred to as Taser).
PC Christopher Philpott discharged the device on the leg of another officer.
The incident took place inside police premises on 16 March this year. There were no members of the public present at the time.
Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington chaired an accelerated misconduct hearing on 6 November.
It found PC Philpott had breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Use of Force and Discreditable Conduct.
The officer, who was based at Stansted Airport police station, was dismissed and will be placed on the College of Policing Police Barred List.
Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington said: “I have taken into consideration the personal circumstances of the officer in this case. Whilst PC Philpott was of previously exemplary character there is no justification for the use of such force. His actions were completely reckless.
“Use of a Taser is a significant use of force. Officers trained to carry and use one are entrusted with the highest levels of responsibility to ensure they are only used where it’s believed to be absolutely necessary to resolve a dangerous situation.
“The public in Essex and across the country rightly expect the very highest standards of conduct from our officers. PC Philpott’s actions seriously risk undermining the trust and confidence communities place in the police to keep them safe.”