A man who was convicted of a double rape 24 years ago still poses a “very high risk” to women, and to teenage girls in particular, a court heard

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To which the rapist replied: “Now I’m going to have to change my name again.”
The damning indictment was highlighted by a district judge while granting a police request for the 51-year-old to be made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).
She told Richard Sears – formerly known as Nicholas Glen Laloo: “You have been, and remain, a serious risk to the public… your predatory behaviour is clear.”
Sears, who used to live in Newbury and now lives in The Crescent, Theale, had opposed the order, saying he wanted a chance to put his past behind him and to get on with his life.
In 1996 he was jailed for 12 years for the double rape.
He also has more than 40 previous convictions for offences including indecent assault, harassment and fraud.
Jennifer Wright, making the application on behalf of the chief constable of Thames Valley Police, alleged “a repeated pattern of sexually-motivated behaviour; harassment and stalking” and said an indefinite SHPO was necessary to protect the public.
A previous SHPO had been imposed unlawfully, the court heard.
District Judge Polly Gledhill said: “The police ask me to look at Mr Sears’ behaviour and convictions over the years.
They say there is a pattern of offending, including towards young females.”
She said there had been court order breaches involving children and pointed to reports which described him as at “very high risk of committing sexual offences towards teenaged girls”.
Judge Gledhill outlined Mr Sears’ “years of predatory behaviour” and noted a Reading Crown Court judge had warned he “had been and remains a very serious risk to the public”.
She added: “I agree with his comments.
“Given the very serious risk I’m satisfied the terms [of the SHPO] are necessary and proportionate.”
Judge Gledhill declined to make the order indefinite, as requested by police, but made it for 10 years.
The order prevents, among other things, Mr Sears being in contact with children.
Previously, Sears has complained he has been subject to relentless attacks, had paint stripper thrown over his car, been subjected to a leaflet campaign, been branded a paedophile and had his home windows smashed.
He said after the hearing: “I’ve done my time.
“I’m just trying to get work and to get on with my life.
“Now I’m going to have to change my name again.”
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