Taxi Driver’s to Boycott Newport after Assaults

isle of wight taxi driver assaulted after stepping in to stop fight in newport

Taxi drivers in Newport on the Isle of Wight are packing up at 12am following a vicious attack on one of their colleagues.

They say that CCTV cameras which are not monitored leave them vulnerable as shown in a video which has been circulating on Facebook.

The mobile phone video which has now been taken down show a group of people physically assaulting three taxi drivers, and what is being described as ‘pummeling and stamping’ on one of them.
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The victims have since been told that the video phone is inadmissible as evidence.

Karen Anderson who is the owner of Amar Taxis said, “In light of this, we have mooted pulling off the Newport ranks at 2am in future which will then leave the aggressive drunks congregating in town with no way of getting home and the police can then contain the fall-out.

“Don’t forget we clear the streets until 5am every weekend helping people safely home, cleaning up their sick and being verbally abused.

“We stand together with each other on this one. In no other profession are staff expected to tolerate aggression and taxi drivers are no different.