A man has been sentenced to three years behind bars for a spate of burglaries in Bedford

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Asif Amin, 43, of Prebend Street, Bedford, appeared at St Alban’s Crown Court yesterday (Thursday), where he was sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment for three counts of burglary dwelling and possession of Class A drug heroin.
Between the 9 June and 25 July 2020, Amin made several attempts to enter three properties in Bedford.
Bedfordshire Police officers were able to identify him on CCTV and video doorbell footage at two of the three properties. Amin was seen wearing distinctive clothing, which was the same on each occasion and was also disturbed by one of the victims in their property in the middle of the night.
Detective Constable Andy Boston, from the Operation Maze team, said: “We are dedicated to investigating burglaries and putting the perpetrators behind bars.
“Burglaries can cause victim’s psychological trauma by the break-in and breach of the safety of their home. I hope Amin spends his time in prison reflecting on his actions.
“Hopefully the sentencing of Amin will serve as a reassurance to our communities, and show our commitment to keeping our residents safe.
“Whilst we are working hard to secure results, we would encourage residents to think about their home security, particularly as dark nights continue through winter. Please ensure that you keep your windows and doors double locked, and when going out at night, consider leaving a light on to make your home look lived in.”