BREAKING Parr St Helens

A St Helens man has been jailed after interfering with a vehicle and stealing a wallet

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21-year-old John Corrigan from Parr was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison following his arrest on Monday 2 November. He was convicted for two thefts, one in Sutton Leach in October, in which a BMW was interfered with, and the second offence in Earlestown in July in which a wallet was stolen from an Audi.
Corrigan was given an extended sentence as the offences were committed while he was on licence.
Speaking after the sentencing, Community Policing Sergeant Kath Rackham said: “This is good news for those victims targeted by Corrigan, and we’ll continue to take positive and prompt action on all similar reports.
Residents who are targeted in theft suffer stress, upset and inconvenience so keep passing on information and we will do the rest. If you see or capture on CCTV or dashcam anyone acting suspiciously close to vehicles where you are, let us know.
There are also some good tips on our force website to ensure your vehicle isn’t an easy target. Always lock your doors as opportunists will try door handles of cars and homes. Fit a dashcam, alarm and good in-car security locks. Read more here.”