Police called to 20 males with weapons involved in an altercation in Slough

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At around 6pm, officers attended the scene of a public order offence, involving a group of up to 20 males in an altercation with weapons in Frank Sutton Way, Farnham Road, and Buckingham Avenue.

The order applies to the areas shown in the map pictured, which includes Manor Park, Slough Trading Estate, and Lynch Hill as defined by the roads, Cumberland Avenue, Northern Road, Stoke Poges Lane, A4 Bath Road, Burnham Lane, the Lower Britwell Road junction with Long Furlong Drive, Long Readings Lane, and onto Northborough Road.



A Section 60 order temporarily allows police officers greater powers to stop and search in a defined location.

The order began at 9pm, and will be in place until 12pm on Monday (16/11). If necessary, the order can then be extended.

Inspector John Braddy, of Slough police station said: “A Section 60 order has been authorised following this public order incident, during which weapons were involved.

“Under this order, our officers have been given authority to use their powers under Section 60 to help the police prevent serious violence, and we do not take decisions to enact them lightly.

This will understandably cause concern in the local community, but I would like for members of the public to be reassured that this order is in place to prevent any re-occurrence of such incidents.

“During the period in which the order is in place, there will be an increase of police officers in these specific areas.

“Using these increased powers, officers are able to stop and search anybody within a defined area while it is activated, with or without reasonable grounds to do so.

Please don’t be worried if you are stopped by an officer, as this does not mean that you are in trouble.

“Do not hesitate to speak to one of our officers with any concerns that you may have. They will be happy to address these with you and also offer any advice or reassurance.”

There is more information on stop and search, and particularly Section 60 orders, on our website at