Man accused of murdering 16-year-old schoolgirl Louise Smith, has entered day two at Winchester Crown Court

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Shane Lee Mays, 30 of Somborne Drive in Havant is accused of killing Louise after her body was discovered in the Havant Thicket woodland on the 21st May, following an extensive search of the area after she was last seen on the 8th of May this year.
Mr Newton-Price for the prosecution is opening the case to the court.
He has told the jury that May’s stated to police that he had walked Louise to a local skate park near Emsworth on the afternoon of May 8.
He said he had left her there in the early afternoon of that day. Mr Newton-Price said “That was a lie”
‘This was a cruel and brutal murder.’
‘Louise’s body was found in Havant Thicket at 11.45am on May 21 following an extensive search by the Hampshire police.
‘A determined attempt had been made to destroy her body. It was so badly burnt and damaged by fire as to be unrecognisable.
‘Her body had been subjected to extreme violence and violation.
‘This included repeated and heavy blows to her head. ‘The bones and the structure of her face had been shattered.
‘Her jawbone was completely detached from the skull. Her body had also been penetrated in a terrible way.’
Mr Newton-Price said: ‘There are grounds to believe that part of the motivation for her murder was sexual.’
Mays had thrown her phone and phone case, the court heard.
He was seen on CCTV in Swanmore Road leaving Havant Thicket before he walked to his mother’s home in Stratfield Gardens where he was ‘sweaty’ and ‘thirsty’.
Louise was ‘vulnerable,’ the prosecutor said as she took antidepressants and suffered from anxiety.
In April she ‘quarrelled’ with her mother Rebecca Cooper and went to live with her aunt.
They lived in Ringwood House, in Somborne Drive, Leigh Park, not far from Louise’s mother’s home.
Mays appeared before the Honourable Justice May DBE yesterday in which he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Manslaughter, however the CPS refused to accept the plea entered by Mays and representing the prosecution Mr James Newton-Price QC said “The plea is not acceptable and there will need to be a trial.”
As expected the family of Louise were shocked by this twist, and continue to push in the Justice for Louise.
Yesterdays hearing saw the selection of the jury members who are to sit on throughout the trial which is expected to last 4 weeks until the 12th December.
James Newton-Price QC for the prosecution at a previous hearing on October 15th told the court that the case concerns the murder of Louise Smith, a 16-year-old girl whose body was discovered in Havant woodland.
Shane Mays will remain on remand in custody throughout the trial.
Mays wife a 29-Year-old woman also from Havant was previously arrested twice over the murder of Havant teenager but officers confirmed she would not face charges, The Crown Prosecution Service had advised detectives there is not enough evidence to meet the charging threshold and therefore a decision was made to discontinue the case against her.
Louise’s mum Rebbecca Cooper  Said:“Louise was very loved by me, both her dad’s, her nan and grandad, all her aunties uncles’ cousins and family, friends, teachers, and people who didn’t know her, she will be very missed by all”.
Please be mindful of any comments and do not speculate on the live trial.
Louise’s family and friends continue to ask for justice.
If you have any information it’s still not too late to pass this on, please do call 101 as soon as possible.