Bransholme BREAKING HULL humbershire

A 19-year-old man who admitted a ‘despicable’ robbery which left an 86-year-old lady with a broken collar bone has been jailed for a total of six years

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Appearing at Hull Crown Court, Bobby Sutherland of Terry Street, Hull was sentenced to spend the next six years of his life behind bars for this robbery, which took place on Sunday 20 September on Stroud Crescent East in Bransholme, as well as an unrelated theft.
At a previous court date, Sutherland pleaded guilty to stealing the defenceless elderly woman’s bag from her shoulder, pushing her to the ground, dragging her along the floor and leaving her in the street with injuries.
Detective Sergeant Andy Bradley said: “I must commend the bravery of the lady who fell victim to this disgraceful attack. She tried to fight off Sutherland despite how intent he was on taking what didn’t belong to him.
“I know how much of an impact this has had on her and I hope knowing he is now in prison and unable to do anything like this again brings a small bit of comfort.
“It is clear that this was a targeted attack on a vulnerable person for personal gain.
“Acts like these are absolutely inexcusable and will not be tolerated in our communities.”