A domestic abuser who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and threatened her with a samurai sword while her young son was asleep upstairs has been jailed for 11 years

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Darren Daniel, 34 was in a relationship with his girlfriend for two years. When the couple split up earlier this year, Daniel began to terrorise his ex.
On 25 March, Daniel forced his way into the woman’s home and violently attacked her and her 11-year-old son, leaving the boy with head injuries. When she reported this to police, she also told officers that on one previous occasion, he had threatened her with a firearm.
Over the next few days, Daniel bombarded his ex with calls and Instagram messages, warning that if she didn’t withdraw her complaint ‘things would get bad’.
The situation came to a head when, at 4am on 5 April, Daniel and another man broke into the woman’s house by smashing a patio door while she and her son were asleep. Brandishing a samurai sword, Daniel told the victim: “I’m going to kill you.”
After a wanted appeal was launched to trace him, Daniel was found by officers at an address in Dunscroft at 11am the same morning – hiding in a cupboard.
DC Stephen Barnes, investigating said: “Daniel was coercive, controlling and violent towards his victim. He posed a real risk to her, her son, and her new partner, and I am pleased we were able to locate him and build a strong case which resulted in this sentence.”
After entering a guilty plea on 6 October, Daniel was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday (13 November). He received a nine-year term for the aggravated attack on 5 April, and a further two years for earlier assaults on the victim and her child along with witness intimidation and harassment offences, to run consecutively.
Enquiries are still ongoing to trace the second man in connection with the aggravated attack.
DI Anna Sedgwick, who heads up Doncaster’s domestic abuse unit, said: “This sentence has put a violent domestic abuser behind bars. His victim has shown incredible amounts of courage in speaking out about the appalling abuse she suffered at the hands of Daniel. Without her bravery, this result would not have been possible.
“I hope anyone who finds themselves in an abusive situation can read this and be encouraged to confide in someone; whether that’s a trusted friend, neighbour or family member. By telling someone, or approaching the police, the abuser can be dealt with and victims can again feel safe in their own homes.
“We will do all we can to support victims of domestic abuse and bring perpetrators to justice.”
If you are experiencing domestic abuse or you know a friend, relative or neighbour who you think is at risk, please call the police straight away.