The Murder trial of Louise Smith continues

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Live updates as the trial of a man accused of murdering 16-year-old schoolgirl Louise Smith, has entered day three at Winchester Crown Court.
(Pease note: Graphic content some viewers may find disturbing may be included in the live updates through the trial, this is a very serious murder trial)
Shane Lee Mays, 30 of Somborne Drive in Havant is accused of killing Louise after her body was discovered in the Havant Thicket woodland on the 21st May, following an extensive search of the area after she was last seen on the 8th of May this year.
Louise’s mother Rebbecca and Family are in Court again today to support each other and will attend throughout this trial, Although they are in complete shock and very emotional by the descriptive nature of what had happened to Louise, they wish to fight to seek justice for Louis. The details that are written of the horrific murder in our live updates they have also heard in court live.
The trial of Mays is before the Honourable Justice May DBE.
The prosecution has now completed the opening of the case, and are at the stage of presenting evidence to the jury.
We have so far heard evidence from Louise’s boyfriend, and the police officer in the case DC Julie Way
Mr Newton-Price described May as lying to police as to his movements on the day Louise went missing, He went on to describe how this was a cruel and brutal murder, Detailing that Louise’s body was found in Havant Thicket at 11.45am on May 21 following an extensive search by the Hampshire police.
A determined attempt had been made to destroy her body. It was so badly burnt and damaged by fire as to be unrecognisable.
Her body had been subjected to extreme violence and violation.
This included repeated and heavy blows to her head. ‘The bones and the structure of her face had been shattered’
‘Her jawbone was completely detached from the skull. Her body had also been penetrated in a terrible way.’
Louise was ‘vulnerable,’ the prosecutor said as she took antidepressants and suffered from anxiety.
Mr Newton-Price said Louise sent a message to Ms Mays saying: “I want to start calling you guys mum and dad but I do not want to make Shane uncomfortable.”
Days later Louise sent a friend an image of her crying on Snapchat. She stated ‘clearly’ in messages to friends that she wanted to move out, telling one: “I can’t live here anymore… Long story, they are just vile.”
CJ and Shane were both arrested on May 14, on suspicion of kidnap. When interviewed, Shane Mays then told police a number of lies to throw them off the scent, Newton-Price QC argues.
The pathology report claims Louise would have died on either Friday, May 8 or Saturday, May 9.
Newton-Price said: ‘It’s likely he must have returned to the scene to burn her body. He can’t have been out searching for her because he exactly where her body was.
That outing would not have been caught on CCTV if he took a certain route.’
Evidence of a forensic scientist has been told to the court that Louise would have suffered blows to her face causing bleeding with blood spots found on Mays left trainer.
The blood spots were consistent with someone punching her many times.
DNA found was more than one billion times to have originated from Louise.
Mr Newton-Price said Mays ‘lured’ Louise to a remote location before he attacked her with ‘unimaginable cruelty’ before attempting to cover his tracks so no one would find her.
Andrew Langdon QC defending Mays has said that the defendant admitted attacking Louise. He attacked her because of an argument where he lost his temper, he told the court. He repeatedly punched her and he accepts the attack would have caused/contributed to her death but he did not intend to kill her.
Mr Langdon said Mays admitted he said he walked Louise to Emsworth when in fact he had not done so. He said Mays ‘accepts’ his DNA was found on a stick used to attack Louise and that Louise’s blood was found on his left trainer.
Louise’s boyfriend said she was always on her phone so it was strange that her phone was suddenly off especially as he was supposed to be meeting with her. It didn’t fit together in my head.
Mr Langdon for the defence asked Louise’s boyfriend; “Louise was worried you were going to leave her” – Louise’s boyfriend confirmed this.
Reading from the timeline of messages sent and received by Louise’s phone, Louise tells CJay, Mays wife that she wants to call them mum and dad as long as it is ok with Mays. The message reads; “I wish you were my parents
CCTV footage shows May’s with Louise walking on Somborne Drive just before they entered the Premier Stores shortly before 8pm on May 7.
Mays can be seen wearing a pink polo style top with black trousers and a pair of white trainers.
Louise is wearing a jacket and black trousers.
The pair queue up together before Louise leaves the store while Mays goes back in to buy a bottle of alcohol.
Louise is seen in on CCTV in the local Tesco store prior to the pair of them meeting up and walk back also carrying bags on Somborne Drive after 8pm.
Mr Newton-Price said to the court; This the last known CCTV footage of Louise”
Louise’s mum Rebbecca Cooper previously told Hampshire and Isle of Wight news;. “Louise was very loved by me, both her dad’s, her nan and grandad, all her aunties uncles’ cousins and family, friends, teachers, and people who didn’t know her, she will be very missed by all”.
Please be mindful of any comments and do not speculate on the live trial.
Louise’s family and friends continue to ask for justice.
If you have any information it’s still not too late to pass this on, please do call 101 as soon as possible.
We will continue to bring you  LIVE updates throughout this trial.
10.20 – Good morning, we have recapped above on what we have been told so far on this trial. The trial is set to resume shortly. Again we warn that the nature of the prosecution’s case is one of a very graphic and upsetting nature. We will continue to present the facts here as stated in court through this trial. Mr Newton-Price QC is to continue this morning from where he left off with presenting the case to the jury, we are due to resume watching CCTV footage showing the movements of Louise and Mays.
10.55 – May’s has entered the dock. The judge and jury are not yet present in the court.
11.18 – Louise’s friend Chloe Edwards takes the stand. She has said Louise’s relationship with Bradley was very good and she met up with Louise after seeing a troubling picture of her online.
11.22 – She has told the court that Louise told her about arguments with CJay and May’s but didn’t actually go into any specific details about it.
11.28 – She said that Louise told her she was allowed to smoke weed again by Mays and CJay in their flat She said Louise never really went far from where she lived.
11.31 – Louise wasn’t allowed her phone and not allowed out, and reacted as rebellious.
She has said that Louise had trouble living at the May’s flat, and Louise said It is hard because I’m trying my hardest to be happy but they drag me down
14.20 – The court is now being shown CCTV taken on the 8th May (being the day Louise is believed to have been killed). Mays is seen on 3 45pm on the footage wearing a pink polo top, walking through Well Meadow and then cutting through to Winterslow Drive and then onto Middle Park Way.