School confirms reports of a teacher being stabbed at West London school is fake

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An image shared on social media has been rubbished after claiming a member of the teaching staff has been stabbed.  It’s totally fake the head of Brentside School has confirmed this evening.  

The image shared over Snapchat and Tiktok claimed a significant incident had taken place at the Brentside High coeducational foundation secondary school and sixth form in west London

Arwel Jones  Headteacher said that an investigation had been launched and the school would be into the matter. He wanted to reassurance both staff and parents that the comment that a staff member had been stabbed was totally untrue. Paramedics attended after a pupil had fallen up well within the school canteen.



Uploaded by Shilleee with the caption only in BHS “Teacher been stabbed


Mr Jones said: “We intend to get to the bottom of the matter and how it was started, I can assure you no one has been stabbed”.