The proprietors of a shisha bar on the Wicker in Sheffield have been issued a Fixed Penalty Notice for £2000 and had their shisha pipe and other goods seized, following a warrant

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A joint investigation by South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council into the premises was launched after receiving numerous reports of the bar being in breach of the current COVID-19 regulations.
Both SYP and SCC staff executed the warrant last night, after previous visits advising of the regulations went unheeded.
Twenty people including the proprietor were found inside the premises. Fixed Penalty Notices of £200 were issued to all twenty people for breach of health protection regulation.
The Environmental Health agency were also present and seized 70 shisha pipes from the premises.
Inspector John Mallows for the City Centre Neighbourhood Team said: “We want the public to know that police and local authorities will take action to address COVID-19 breaches and the warrant last night is one example of our partnership working to tackle repeated issues.
“This location has been subject of numerous reports of breaches from the local community, which is understandably causing the community frustration. Both police and council staff have visited previously and warned about further enforcement, which we have now taken because the location continued to be a cause for concern.
“The regulations and restrictions are in place to keep the public safe and ultimately, to prevent the spread of this virus and save lives. Individuals who seek to ignore the rules and put both theirs and other lives at risk will face enforcement action.”
Councillor Mark Jones, Cabinet Member for Environment, Streetscene and Climate Change at Sheffield City Council, said: “We work closely with South Yorkshire Police to investigate reports of businesses who are not Covid-compliant. We know it is very difficult for businesses, particularly those in the hospitality and entertainment sectors at the moment, but everyone has to make sacrifices, we must all play our part in slowing the spread and protecting lives.
“It is our duty to make sure people uphold the current legislation and as we have demonstrated in this enforcement, we will take action against those who flout the rules. We’re grateful to those for bringing these matters to our attention and ask that people report issues to us so that as well as enforcement, we can advise businesses how to be compliant and point them to the range of support that is available.”