A man has been convicted of murder after stabbing his flatmate and leaving the body in the property for up to six weeks – while he continued to live there

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Matthew Chibnall went on to use Anil Vegad’s bank card to buy alcohol while his body lay in their flat in Eden Street, Coventry. 

Chibnall finally attended Coventry police station on 1 June this year – when he could no longer access the victim’s funds – to reveal he had killed his friend. 

Officers went straight to the address and found 57-year-old Mr Vegad dead in the living room after suffering a stab wound to the back. There were also two other deep knife marks in a chair. 

Chibnall claimed he had thrust a knife towards the chair where Mr Vegad had been sitting to get his attention – as he was behaving erratically. 

He alleged it happened after they had been drinking during Easter Monday, and it was the following day his friend felt unwell and collapsed. 

Despite Chibnall telling officers ’If you do the crime, you gotta do the time I suppose’ upon being charged with murder he went on to deny deliberately killing his friend. 

However, we were able to prove that he intended to kill or seriously harm Mr Vegad and the 55-year-old was convicted following a trial at Coventry Crown Court. He will be sentenced at a later date. 


Victim Anil Vegad - a "loving, kind and generous person"
Victim Anil Vegad – a “loving, kind and generous person”

In a statement Mr Vegad’s family said: “We have all been devastated as a family. Although justice has been served, this will never bring our Dad back. 

“He was a loving, kind and generous person. Whenever our Dad walked into a room he would light it up. 

“Our Dad was well known in the community and well loved by everyone. Our Dad will be deeply missed but never forgotten, he will always be in our hearts.” 

Detective Inspector Hannah Whitehouse, from our homicide team, said: “We may never know exactly what happened in that flat which led to Mr Vegad being fatally stabbed. We believe he thrust the knife deep into the chair twice and then into Mr Vegad. 

“Chibnall could have immediately called emergency services and potentially saved his friend’s life. However, he just let Mr Vegad die and stole his card to buy alcohol in the weeks after his death. 

“We were able to prove he intended to kill or seriously harm Mr Vegad, as a result he now faces a life sentence for murder.”