Meet Britains ‘most protected’ paedophile Mark Feely

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Currently located in Birmingham – Police are parked outside his house for his protection.
Mark Feely is a self-confessed paedophile who admits he is sexually attracted to underage girls.
Feely has been caught several times by paedophile hunting teams for grooming young girls online. However, even after overwhelming evidence and admissions from himself, the CPS refuse to convict him of sexual offences, blaming his learning difficulties and mental health
Just days ago, Feely fired up one of the many social media accounts he uses to message and interact with young girls.
TikTok is feely’s main go-to platform these days as he can command an audience of some 5,000 due to his erratic, weird and sexual behaviour.
However, many of his so-called ‘followers’ are children who think his routine is funny. What they miss, is the fact that before them is a paedophile who his getting his sexual gratification from interacting with them.
In my opinion, Feely is a very dangerous individual. He has avoided prosecution multiple times for committing sexual offences. He poses a real risk to young girls online. Yet, the police refuse to act and Feely continues to fulfil his sexual urges.
Of course, there have been threats to his life. Every video he makes, adult members of the public will show their disgust towards him, but he seems to thrive on the attention.
Feely notoriety – who is originally from Rotherham – has now been moved to different UK towns at least 20 times. He stays in hotels and B&B’s – all of course at the taxpayer’s expense and for his protection.
So, what is the best course of action to stop someone who is literally untouchable?
– Section him under the mental health act and put him in a secure hospital? or maybe restrict him of all internet access?
Whatever  way this plays out, either a child will suffer or someone will be locked up for handing out street justice!!