A  pub drinker who assaulted his former friend in Gillingham has been jailed for two years

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Dirk Peterson was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on 30 November 2020 after admitting two counts of actual bodily harm.


The 52-year-old of Ivy Street, Rochester, was charged with the offences after he assaulted two men, one of whom he had been drinking with in the Fluer De Lis pub in Gillingham Road, on 19 July 2020.


Officers were called at around 5pm following the assault which saw Peterson lash out at his victim in an unprovoked assault and punch him in his face several times before the man left the pub.


A short while later a member of the victim’s family entered the pub and started talking to Peterson before he was also assaulted.


The second victim was also punched in his face several times, causing him to fall over and break his foot. Despite his obvious injury Peterson continued to punch him as well as bite his nose and spit at him.


Peterson then left the pub and saw his first victim, who was standing alone near a wall.


He approached the injured man and punched him in his face 10 more times before Peterson went back to the pub and attempted to make amends with the second victim.


Following the incident the two victims were treated for head injuries. The second victim also broke his ankle and fractured his nose.


Following enquiries Peterson was arrested and later charged with the offences.


Investigating officer Police Sergeant Claire Pye said: ‘This was a vicious and prolonged attack on two men who knew Peterson personally.


‘The level of violence exhibited caused injuries to both victims who had not provoked him in any manner and during the incident did not attempt to harm him, but only protect themselves. I’m pleased he has been sentenced accordingly.’