Notorious New Forest burglar sentenced to four years

notorious new forest burglar sentenced to four years

A Notorious thief Anthony Deville,of Cheviot Drive, Dibden has today (Friday, April 15) been sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to 18 burglaries and one attempt burglary.

Deville was charged and plead guilty to three counts of burglary and one attempt burglary, and attributed himself to 15 other burglaries which were taken into consideration by the judge at Southampton Crown Court today.

Deville carried out a total of 19 burglaries in the Totton, Hythe and Dibden areas between November 2015 and January 2016 to fund his drug habit.

After being charged with three burglaries and one attempt, Deville then went on to admit to committing a further 15 other burglaries.

Police Staff Investigator Joanne Moger said: “This was a complex case that a large team worked on for many months, striving to get justice for the victims.

“We worked closely with the victims through our site ‘Is this Yours?’ which is an online photo bank of recovered property. We reunited 12 burglary victims with property through a number of policing enquiries. Deville assisted police in the recovery of further property by indicating where he had disposed of further items he had stolen. This procedure is part of our ‘Clean Slate’ initiative, a chance for criminals to face up to their crimes, prevent re-offending and offer closure to victims.

“These admissions have allowed us to provide closure and support to the victims, knowing that the offender has been brought to justice”.
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