Violent robber rammed police cars in a high-performance Audi he stole at gunpoint

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Officers spotted Jobi Nembhard driving the S4 Quattro in Lode Lane, Solihull, on 15 February 10 days after he’d stolen it during a break-in when he pointed a handgun in a 79-year-old man’s face.
Nembhard – who was only 17 at the time – failed in his escape bid and today (3 Dec) he’s been jailed for 14 years after we linked him to other nasty robberies and a carjacking.
Investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Adam Buzzard, said: “Nembhard showed himself to be a heartless criminal who was prepared to attack pensioners, and put them in fear for their lives, in his pursuit of high-value cars.
“One of his victims, a 60-year-old man, suffered a broken hip having been thrown to the ground during a carjacking.
“I wish him well in his continued recovery and indeed all Nembhard’s victims who have been subjected to traumatic ordeals.”
Masked Nembhard stole the Audi S4 on 5 February having smashed through the patio door of an address in Chester Road, Castle Bromwich, in the middle of the night.
He threatened to shoot the victim in the face though we suspect the gun was actually an imitation as Airsoft weapons were later recovered from Nembhard’s home.
On 24 March – while on bail for the Audi robbery – the teenager struck in Elmore Close, Kingshurst where he stole a VW Golf GTi having again demanded keys at gunpoint.
And brazen Nembhard ignored conditions of his bail – imposed to allow detectives time to get the results of forensic testing and phone analysis – again on 1 April when he carjacked a couple in Solihull.
On 1 April he attacked the 60-year-old victim and his wife on the driveway of their home in Tackford Close, Castle Bromwich, and drove off in their Mercedes AMG.
Warwickshire Police colleagues spotted Nembhard on 13 April in Bidford-on-Avon driving a Seat Ibiza which was linked to other robberies. He was arrested and his fingerprints found on a BB handgun recovered from a rucksack inside the vehicle.
Nembhard, from Corncake Drive in Smiths Wood, was charged with three home invasion robberies, a carjacking and dangerous driving.
He admitted dangerous driving but denied the other offences. However, a jury took less than two hours before convicting him on all counts.
Det Sgt Buzzard added: “Nembhard didn’t have much in terms of past criminal convictions, just some shoplifting offences.
“But this was a shocking series of offences, a violent carjacking and home invasions where victims feared they were being threatened with live firearms.
“He wasn’t profiting from these offences: we recovered all of the cars he took. And yet now he’s going to be spending what should be the best years of his life locked up behind bars.”