M20 London-bound carriageway set to be closed for hours as worker crack jokes whilst thousand remain trapped on diversion routes

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The M20 London carriageway between junction 9 and junction 8 is set to be closed for hours following an early morning collision involving a single HGV crossing over the carriageway.

Both London bound and Coastbound had remained closed since 5am on Friday.

The coastbound carriage reopened just after 11.30am.  The Londonbound remains closed.

Workers could be seen in the closed section cracking jokes with each other whilst thousand of motorist and HGV driver remain stuck on a diversion route that has a set of road works under traffic light control in place. 


The lights are letting an average of 5  to 6 vehicle through. Many drivers are reporting to be taking nearly three hours to travel the route.

A large amount of barrier work will need to be carried out to make the carriageway safe.  Despite the fact and yards away millions of pounds worth of barrier remain unused. 


The M20 is set to be closed for a test of the portable barriers on Friday to see how effective workers can put out the structures that now form part of operation Broc.


Highways England have been approached for comment as have KCC.