Man held ‘gun’ to victim’s head over ‘love-triangle’

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A man who held a ‘gun’ to his victim’s head to scare him has been jailed for a year and eight months.
Vytautas Kuisys, 51, was arrested on 27 September after police received reports of him having held a gun to a man’s head in Peterborough.
Earlier that day, the 69-year-old victim was at his home in the Gladstone Street area when he opened the front door to who he thought was a takeaway delivery driver.
He was met by Kuisys, who he knew to be a ‘former friend’ of his partner, and called the woman to the door.
On seeing Kuisys, the woman immediately turned around and went back inside the flat, making Kuisys angry and resulting in him in pulling a ‘gun’ from his pocket and holding it to the man’s head.
The victim shouted to his son for help, scaring off Kuisys who fled the scene, taking the ‘gun’ with him. Police were immediately called and located Kuisys nearby in Taverners Road.
In a police interview, Kuisys claimed he had been in an intimate relationship with the victim’s partner and he believed she was being exploited by the victim which made him ‘angry’. He admitted having the fake gun and took it to threaten the victim, wanting to break up their relationship.
He was later charged with being in possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, which he admitted in court.
Kuisys, of Mountbatten Way in Westwood, appeared at Peterborough Crown Court today (Friday 4 December) where he was sentenced to 20 months in prison.
DC Robin Gray said: “Regardless of whether the gun was an imitation or not, to an unknowing member of the public this could understandably put them in fear for their life.
“This was an irresponsible decision Kuisys made which has not only had an effect on his victim and their family but also now left him with a criminal record and time in prison.”