Eclipse Bus Driver snapped using Mobile Phone whilst Driving Bus

eclipse bus driver snapped using mobile phone whilst driving bus

A Gosport Bus Driver has been caught using a Mobile Phone whilst driving packed Eclipse Bus full of Passengers

The driver who was in control and in charge of the single deck bus that runs between Gosport and Fareham had about 30 people on board when one shocked passenger couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The bus was on the Wych Lane and Hutfield Link section at the time that is shared with cyclists and the emergency services.
The 18-year-old Fareham College Student who is a  regular user of the service  was on her way to work in Gosport after doing a spot of shopping.  She said I  had to look twice I was shocked that someone who is meant to be a professional driver was doing something like this outing  everyone and himself at risk. The quick thinking teenager snapped the driver that was driving at about 40 miles an hour at the time. He had one hand on the wheel and one on his phone texting and looking at his phone.

As you can see from the speedometer the bus was moving and in motion.

The parents  of  the student have handed delivered a  written letter  of complaint to the bus company  enclosing the images  taken by their daughter.  They  have also  reported the matter to the Police.

The Operators of the Eclipse buses service First bus say that they have launched an investigation and will be take action against the driver.

A spokesman for First Bus  Dervla McKay, General Manager of First Solent said: “We have been made aware of some images which show a driver using a mobile phone while at the wheel of one of our vehicles.

“We are currently in the process of identifying the driver and will investigate.

“We treat these types of incident very seriously and we would like to thank the customer for bringing it to our attention.”