A Swindon man has been banned from entering any retail premises in Swindon town centre following a string of shoplifting offences

Custody shot Gareth Fanning

Following a hearing on Wednesday, December 2, Gareth Fanning, 35, of Frobisher Drive, Walcot, has been issued with a criminal behaviour order which also prevents him from entering any shop in Greenbridge Retail Park and any Co-op store within the borough of Swindon.

The order was sought by the Swindon South Community Policing Team with Fanning having 79 previous convictions for 205 offences, the majority of which relating to shoplifting.

In 2019, Fanning was convicted of 28 offences, 26 of these convictions were for shoplifting. Of those, the over 60% of the offences occurred within the main Swindon town centre shopping area, the second-largest location where offences have occurred is Greenbridge Retail Park, with approximately 27%.

The order was granted on December 2, which prohibits Fanning from:

1. Entering any retail premises in Swindon Town Centre as per the defined map referred to as Map 1;

2. Entering any retail premises in Greenbridge Retail Park, Swindon as per the defined map referred to as Map 2;

3. Entering any Co-op/Cooperative store within the Borough of Swindon.


The order was made for two years and will cease to have effect on December 1, 2022.

PC Paul Bezzant, neighbourhood police officer for Swindon town centre, said: “This is an important order and gives businesses the reassurance that we will act robustly to prevent shoplifting in Swindon.

“Fanning is a prolific shoplifter and it is clear that the offending is linked to drug use.

“His persistent offending has been a drain on police resources and has had a significant impact on local retailers and with many cases, retailers do not recover their losses.

“I hope this order will have the desired impact and will curb his offending.”

Kevin Saunders, inSwindon BID Ambassador Supervisor, said: “inSwindon BID Ambassadors have worked hard with Wiltshire Police to gather intelligence and supply evidence, to help them gain a community behaviour order on a persistent and habitual shoplifter.

“It is a very clear message from inSwindon BID, Wiltshire Police and the town centre businesses that we will not tolerate this behaviour.”