Three men who were caught ‘cooking up’ crack cocaine and found to be in possession of large amounts of Class A drugs during a police raid have been sentenced to over 15 years in prison

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Worral Yee, 68, Junior Neita, 36, and Jerone Blake, 31, were found in the kitchen of Yee’s property on Margate Drive on the 16 March 2020.
PC Gareth Webb, leading the investigation, said: “Officers from Sheffield’s Fortify Team supported by TSG paid the group a visit late that evening after intelligence suggested that Yee was involved in the washing of cocaine for numerous organised crime group members throughout Sheffield.
“On entering the property on Margate Drive, officers found the three men in the process of producing a significant amount of crack cocaine on the cooker.
“As our officers detained the men, one of two cooking jars was thrown into the sink. To ensure nothing was missed, the team removed and recovered the whole sink and the u-bend for forensic examination. The contents of the sink were examined and found to contain over £1000 of cocaine.
“All three men were also found in possession of Class A drugs; Blake alone had over 100 wraps of heroin in his underwear and was also carrying a large hunting knife. Neita had over £1000 of crack on him whilst Yee had a number of wraps in his pocket.”
Mobile phones recovered from each man showed they were significant Class A street dealers.
Yee, Neita and Blake were all arrested and later charged with possession with intent to supply controlled drugs and being concerned in the production of crack cocaine.
Faced with overwhelming evidence the trio pleaded guilty at Sheffield Crown Court to a variety of charges at an earlier hearing.
Today (8 December) Blake received a seven year custodial sentence, Yee was served with a five year sentence and Neita received 44 months in prison.
PC Webb added: “There is absolutely no doubt that these three men are involved in the supply and production of a serious amount of Class A drugs, which end up on the streets of Sheffield.
“All three were linked to organised crime groups involved in the supply of Class A drugs within Sheffield.
“To catch them ‘cooking up’ was a significant result for officers and we are incredibly pleased with the custodial sentences they have received.
“We are dedicated to tackling the supply of drugs in our city and there is a huge amount of work happening every single day in your communities to disrupt criminal activity.
“If you suspect or have any information about drug dealing or production where you live, please do pass these details on. You may not see immediate action, but like in this case, it can help inform serious enforcement activity, which does have a long-term impact.”