Three men have been sentenced to a total of 10 years in prison following a disorder in Leighton Buzzard in which a man received serious injuries

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Ashley Walsh, 26, of Omega Court, Kyle Bangs, 27, of Kiteleys Green and Tom Livingstone, 28, of Hockliffe Road were sentenced on Friday (4 December) at Luton Crown Court, after pleading guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.
At around 9pm on Wednesday 26 August, police were called to a public house in Lake Street where an altercation was in progress.
The three men were identified from CCTV footage, which captured a fight breaking out between the victim and Livingstone, and a bottle being thrown.
Bangs and Walsh were seen running towards the fight and getting involved, then were seen to be continuously throwing punches and kicking the victim whilst he was on the ground.
The victim was rendered unconscious with significant injuries, and was taken to hospital.
The three men were arrested shortly after the incident, and remanded in custody.
Detective Constable Emma Janes, investigating, said: “I am glad that Livingstone, Bangs and Walsh will spend time behind bars for their actions, and I hope they use this time to reflect on how they have behaved.
“This type of violent behaviour will not be tolerated in Bedfordshire, and we hope this sends a very strong message to those who believe that acting in this way is acceptable, and that they can get away with it.
“As we go into the Christmas season, let this be a reminder to everyone to take responsibility for your actions; to drink in moderation and think twice about the impact your actions could have.
“A decision made in a split second can have a negative effect on not just someone else’s life, but both yours and your family’s.”
Livingstone received three years imprisonment, and Walsh and Bangs each received three years and six months imprisonment. Victim surcharges of £190 were also applied.