Owner of Soho hairdresser faces £10k fine for opening makeshift club in basement

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The owner of a West End hairdressers is facing a possible £10,000 fine for creating a makeshift club in the venue’s basement.

Officers from the Met were called to Clip and Grind on D’arbly St, Soho at approximately 1am on Friday, 11 December.

After walking past the sinks and chairs at the barbers, a staircase led downstairs to where the owner had set up a bar and dancefloor. Turntables and speakers were also set up, with more than 100 people inside.

Crowds were quickly dispersed, with the owner being identified and reported for consideration of a £10,000 fixed penalty notice.

PC Steve Muldoon from the Soho policing team, said: “London is on the cusp of stricter restrictions and it is deeply concerning and irritating that people are still willing to break the rules and put the health of Londoners at risk.

“Over the last couple of weeks, we have responded to a number of parties and unlicensed music events across Soho. It is frankly shocking that people are willing to break the rules, which are clearly there to keep people safe.

“At this critical time for our city, I would urge everyone to stick to the rules. They are there to keep us all safe and prevent the spread of the virus.”