Two escape serious injury after car ploughs into Railway Bridge in Hackney

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Fire crews were called in the early hours of the morning to Down Road in Hackney after a car ploughed into a Railway Bridge 

Police, Paramedics along with fire crews were scrambled to Downs Road just after 1.20am on Sunday morning.  It was first reported that the car was on fire smoking and a number of people were trapped in the vehicle.  

 Firefighters made the scene safe and used a winch to remove the vehicle that had become embedded into the bridges metal harris fencing.

Those involved are not thought to have been seriously hurt. The smoke reported is understood to have come from the vehicles airbag system deploying on  impact


Crews from nearby Homerton and a rescue tender from Euston attended from the London Fire Brigade. Paramedics from the London ambulance services were also called and the pair who had a lucky escape were treated at the scene