Man arrested after police car repeatedly rammed during disorder

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This is what was left of A  patrol cars after it was repeatedly rammed by a van driver in #Coventry this morning. >It was a shocking start to 2021 as officers were rammed seven times. Police were called to Hummingbird Avenue at around 1.30am after a fight broke out at a house.
There were reports of a motorist deliberately driving at people and suggestions someone was armed with a knife.
Our overnight response crews arrived minutes later but before they could step foot from the car they were rammed by a man driving a Transit van.
Shockingly, they were rammed around seven times, the impact triggering the car’s airbags, before the driver reversed into another police car.

The driver tried making off but was cornered nearby and arrested. He’s been taken to hospital as it’s suspected he was under the influence of drugs and will later be brought to a police station for questioning.
Three police officers – including two in this damaged patrol car – suffered neck and back injuries but thankfully were not seriously hurt.
Enquiries into the disorder continue.