Updated:Emergency Services called to Level Two Hazmat incident at the North Middlesex Hospital in North London


Emergency services have been scrambled to the North Middlesex hospital in North London in the early hours on Sunday morning.

Police and the LFB were called to the Stirling Way site following the discovery of unknown material in the staff car park the area has now been cordoned off whilst an investigation and examination take place.

The incident has been declared  as Level two hazmat incident  this means the release of any quantity of a known solid or liquid toxic material in a critical public area or for the release or potential release of any quantity of an unknown solid, liquid or gaseous toxic material or suspected toxic material needs to dealate with by firefighters wearing specialist protective gas-tight suits 

Control zones have been established and are being maintained. Police are stopping members of the public from entering the area


A request for the DIM unit ( DIM unit is an incident response unit equipped to Detect of a range of chemical or radiological hazardous substance, Identify hazardous substances of chemical, biological or radiological nature, Monitor levels of contamination to establish and maintain cordons.) has also been made by the Incident commander to attend and assist 


It is not thought the incident is affecting the running of the hospital or that any patient or staff member have been injured as a result of the ongoing incident.


Emergency crews were called just before 5am on Sunday 3rd January 2021.


The North Middlesex hospital has been approached for comment as have The Met Police and the London Fire Brigade


More to follow