An uninsured and unlicensed driver from Oldham, who fatally collided with a 14-year-old girl on her way to school in Moston before fleeing the scene, has been jailed for 10 years

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Kevin Pryce of Quail Street, was sentenced today at Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) for the incident in October, after he had previously pleaded guilty to five driving offences including causing death by dangerous driving.
Officers were notified of the collision shortly after 08.15 on Monday 5 October 2020 after being called to a report of a collision between a car and pedestrian on Lightbowne Road.
14-year-old schoolgirl Mia Strothers was taken to hospital with critical injuries after being hit by Pryce’s vehicle while she was crossing the road.
Mia sadly passed away two days later despite the best efforts of medical staff.
The court heard how Pryce had been driving at speeds of up to 57mph in a 30 area in an uninsured silver BMW 318, which an expert described as being in an ‘unroadworthy and dangerous condition’ after six faults with the vehicle were identified including defective brakes.
After colliding with Mia and despite significant damage to his windscreen, Pryce continued to drive off to his friend’s address nearby where he told her that his car had been struck with a brick.
He was later arrested by patrolling officers and tested positive for illegal drugs.
Following his arrest, Pryce confessed on an interview to knowing of the issues with his brakes but insisted he was driving quickly to get his car to the garage to get the issue fixed. Subsequent enquiries established this was false.
Pryce was charged and pleaded guilty to single counts of causing death by dangerous driving; causing death whilst uninsured; failing to stop; failing to report; driving other than in accordance with a license.