Hampshire PCC Election Candidates sign-up to the Code of Conduct

hampshire pcc election candidates sign up to the code of conduct

Voting to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for the Hampshire Police Area will be taking place on Thursday 5 May. The result will be declared on Friday 6 May.

Mark Heath, Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) for the Hampshire Police area said “I can confirm that all PCC Candidates have signed up to the Electoral Commission’s Code of Conduct for Campaigners. The Code has been sent to all registered political parties in Great Britain, and this has been brought to the attention of all candidates and parties contesting elections. Campaigners are an essential element of a healthy democracy, and their right to put their arguments to voters should be supported and protected. It is equally important, however, to ensure that the activities of campaigners do not bring into question the integrity of the electoral process.”

The Code provides a guide for campaigners, electoral administrators and police forces to what is, and is not, considered acceptable behaviour at polling stations and in the community during the lead-up to polling day.