A woman who threw a New Year’s Eve party for more than 100 people has been reported for consideration of a £10,000 fixed penalty notice.

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The organiser, who deliberately flouted clear rules and held the party at an address in Exhibition Road, SW7, has been told she has now been referred for the maximum penalty.

At approximately 11.30pm officers on proactive patrol in the area dispersed a large group who had gathered outside the address. It is believed they were attempting to gain entry to the party, but were blocked from entering.

Officers believed that there was a gathering inside the premises but despite repeated attempts to engage with the occupants and gain entry to the property, the occupants refused to engage with officers.

Police visited the premises again on Monday, January 4, and told that the organiser her actions had breached the Health Protection Relations 2020, and she was give notice of her referral.

Acting Inspector Ganesh Rasaratnam, from the Met’s Central West Basic Command Unit, said: “We are in the middle of a pandemic, and restrictions have been put in place to keep our families, friends and communities safe.

“The organiser, and those who attended, deliberately breached the restrictions and decided that the rules did not apply to them.

“We will continue to take tough action against those who think they are above the law and put others in danger with this sort of reckless behaviour.

“Thankfully, many people across London have put much of their own lives on hold as they do their bit to follow the guidance and reduce Covid infections. The large majority have behaved admirably and should be proud of themselves for helping play their part as we all fight this health crisis.”