A man has been sentenced following a victimless prosecution after assaulting his ex-girlfriend in Westminster

Danny Hewitt, 23 of Third Avenue, Westminster, was sentenced to an 18-month community order, 250 hours of unpaid work and a 25 day rehabilitation activity requirement. He was also ordered to pay £775 court costs and a £95 victim surcharge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 5 January.
He was found guilty at the same court on Monday, 7 December.
The court heard how on Sunday, 3 May, at approximately 01:20hrs, police were called to the Royal Oak Station underpass, W12, by a rail worker who reported that a male was trespassing.
The witness soon realised the man was attempting to climb over the wall to retrieve his phone, which he believed was thrown by his ex-girlfriend during an argument.
The witness challenged the man and warned him that he was trespassing.
The man told the worker not to get involved and became visibly angry.
After calling the police to report the incident, the rail worker returned to his office to begin an incident report. At this point, he heard screaming and shouting between the man and woman.
The witness decided to investigate and was joined by a second rail worker.
They saw a woman on the floor calling out for help and called police for a second time.
Upon arrival, officers were told by the two witnesses that they saw the man standing over the victim, kicking, punching and kneeing her.
The highly distressed victim was found with a cut to her head and she also mentioned she had hurt her leg.
Hewitt was arrested at 01:51hrs on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and was taken to a central London police station.
He was charged the next day with assault by beating.
Detective Constable Mahmudha Ali, from the Met’s Central West Command Unit, said: “This case highlights how third party reporting has ensured a violent domestic perpetrator can be convicted without evidence being given by the victim.
“I would like to thank the two witnesses in this case for firstly calling the police and preventing further harm coming to the victim and secondly for providing evidence, as without it this case may never have made it to court and justice served.
“I would urge anyone who may be at risk of becoming a victim, or has concerns about a colleague, friend or loved one – please call us we are here for you.”
Victims and third parties can report domestic abuse to a number of agencies and support services:
The 24/7 National Domestic Abuse helpline, which offers support to victims and people affected by domestic abuse, is free to call on 0808 2000 247.
The Respect Phone-line provides confidential advice and support to help perpetrators stop being violent and abusive, and is free to call 0808 8024040