Police Crack-down on motorcycle nuisance in Southampton

pcso driven at by scrambler rider in southampton

Police are appealing for information after reports of motorcycle nuisance in Millbrook

Officers have received several reports of off-road motorbikes and mopeds riding dangerously in public spaces in the Millbrook area last night (Tuesday, April 19) between 4pm and 7pm.

Various riders have come to the Police attention and they appealing directly to the public to help us identify the riders.

Motorcycle nuisance is a priority in the Millbrook and Coxford areas and Police rely on assistance from the local community to help identify riders, seize bikes and take action.

The report officers have received last night relate to riders seen on Allington Road, Mansell Park, Sutherland Road, Cumbrian Way and Lordshill Way.

The bikes we are hoping to trace are described as:

A blue moped riding alongside a light coloured moped seen in the Allington Road area riding on the pavement at around 4pm.

A yellow scrambler motorcycle alongside a black and white motorcycle were seen in Mansell Park and Green Park at around 4.20pm. Both riders made off from police.

Two blue mopeds, one with an L plate, were seen alongside a yellow motorcycle on a public footpath on Sutherland Road at around 5pm. All three riders were reported as wearing hooded tops and possible scarves so that only their eyes could be seen.

At around 6.45pm three motorcycles were seen to be riding along the footpath near to Lordshill Way. The bikes were described as two dirt bikes and a moped.

Police are specifically looking for a blue moped with the partial registration ‘TK07’ who we believe was sighted several times last night.

PC Simon Peacock said: “I would like to thank those people who have contacted us recently regarding motorcycle nuisance. The information we receive from the public allows us to identify riders driving dangerously in pubic spaces, often riding a vehicle without insurance.

“All the reports we received last night describe mopeds or motorbikes being ridden on public footpaths and green spaces. These vehicles not only cause damage to playing fields and parks but also cause fear in those wishing to use those spaces legally.

“We are continuing to investigate each individual sighting that is reported to us and we would like to extend our appeal to the public wishing to provide us with information.

“If you see anyone on a motorcycle, quad bike or mini-moto causing a nuisance or putting lives at risk, report it. We need names, descriptions, locations and video or photographic evidence. If you’re willing to give a statement or provide information anonymously, we want to hear from you. Just call 101 and we’ll do the rest.

“Whilst most people who ride these vehicles do so with care, we notice an increase in reports this time of year of people riding thoughtlessly in inappropriate areas.

“If you’re going to ride a motorbike, quad bike or mini-moto this summer, make sure you are legal to do so. Stick to roads and designated areas that allow for such vehicles. Wear a helmet, be aware of your surroundings and ride safely to protect yourself and others.”