Two thugs who subjected a vulnerable man to a vicious, humiliating attack in his own home have been jailed

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Joshua Wise and Stuart Keeling climbed through the man’s flat window in Lyndale Road, Coventry, at 1.30am before pinning him down on the bed and demanding valuables.
Wise spat in the 35-year-old’s face and held him down while encouraging Keeling to “have a free hit” and punch him in the face.

At one point Keeling grabbed a kitchen knife and handed it to Wise who stabbed the man in the back before boasting “I’ve just shanked you”.
Bizarrely, they insisted he squirted washing up liquid over his body in a move they claimed would remove DNA evidence. 
The shocking ordeal lasted 30 minutes before the cruel pair fled through the window having stolen two mobile phones, a bank card, digital camera and TV USB stick.
They made threats to return should the victim contact the police. However, he bravely reported the break-in and supported our investigation as we issued a public appeal to trace the offenders.

It prompted Wise (21) and 24-year-old Keeling to hand themselves in to police in Leicestershire on 12 October 2019, four days after the attack.
Cowardly Wise tried blaming Keeling for the assault, saying he witnessed the attack and pleaded with him to stop. 
But thanks to the victim’s compelling account we proved Wise was the main aggressor and both went to on admit robbery.
Wise, of no fixed abode, and Keeling from Shirley Road, Coventry, have now been jailed for eight-and-a-half years and five years 10 months respectively. 
Detective Constable Sara Coakley from Coventry force CID, said: “This was a prolonged, savage and degrading attack. They clearly thought they could steal from this man and intimidate him into keeping quiet.
“They were wrong. He stood up to them and reported the offence – and days later we’d arrested the offenders.
“I’d like to thank the victim for his help in securing these convictions. He can rightly be proud of his actions.”