A man who drove from Luton to Devizes for a McDonald’s has been handed a fixed penalty notice


The 34-year-old from Luton, who had already received a warning, was stopped on Estcourt Street in Devizes on Thursday evening (14/01).

The distance travelled across numerous counties to Devizes, which doesn’t have a McDonald’s restaurant, is a flagrant breach of the regulations currently in place.

A £200 fixed penalty notice was issued as well as the vehicle being seized.

We encourage the public to make sure they are up to date with the most recent government guidance by visiting to ensure you understand the rules clearly and what they will mean for you.

The majority of people across Wiltshire continue to act responsibly and we thank you for that, however, it is important to protect the NHS that we all stick to the rules.

If you have concerns about someone potentially breaching the Government’s restrictions we would urge you to report this online via the Report section of our website to help keep our phone lines free for other police matters.