Mass Brawls leaves Multiple stabbed in Sutton

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A mass brawl believed to have involved between forty to Sixty has been a number of people stabbed on Sunday evening. Armed Police along with TGS  officers rushed to the scene on Oakhill Road in Sutton just after 9pm. 


Officers first on the scene used first aid kits to give life-saving treatment to a man found on a driveway.  A number of people have been taken to hospital and a large area has been thrown into lockdown. A property on the junction of Oakhill Road and Thicket Road  shows medical equipment a man clothing that has been cut off after he was stabbing on his own driveway.


On the corner of  Oakhill lays a kitchen knife covered in blood that is thought to be the weapon used in the attack. The Eriskine Road is littered with crime scene markers showing blood along the pavement  and evidence. A Police cordon runs one down one side of Parkhurst Road and a second property along with a block of flats remains in Police lockdown.  It’s understood that further attacks took place in the flats.



Crime scene officers from the Met Police have seen photography the area and examining the various parts of the scene.

The Met Police have been contacted for comment but were unavailable.