Police officer who tested positive for COVID19 is admitted min to hospital with blood clot


A Dorset Police officer who tested positive for Covid-19 days after policing a high-profile anti-lockdown rally in Bournemouth has now been admitted to hospital after becoming unwell last night, with a suspected blood clot on his lung.

The male officer, 40, was part of the policing operation of the anti-lockdown protest in Bournemouth on 9 January. He is still receiving treatment whilst his family are at home waiting for news.

Dorset Police Federation is supporting his family and colleagues at this time. And all our thoughts are with our colleague and for his swift recovery.

Anna Harvey, Chair of Dorset Police Federation, said: “This is a stark reminder of the extra risks our officers are facing on a daily basis.

“As I have previously said, police officers do not have a choice – they can’t stay at home they have to protect our communities.

“It saddens me to say that there is every chance this officer would not be in this position if police officers had been prioritised for the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Warm words about how brave police officers are from the Government are not enough. Police officers are being put at risk. Our colleague is now another hospital patient that creates more pressure on our NHS. It’s simple protect the police and ultimately you protect the health service. To keep people safe, we need to keep the police safe.

“What I want now from the Government is action. We hear from the Home Secretary today that the police service is being told to “get ready” for the vaccine. But when will officers actually get the vaccine so that no more of our colleagues end up in hospital?

“It’s so frustrating as I know that local health professionals are supportive of front-line workers having access to the vaccine but the ultimate decision sits with Government.”