Fire Fighters treated by Paramedics after coming under attack by COVIDIOTS whilst tackling Thornton Heath Blaze

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Two firefighters from the London Fire brigade came under attack after residents called for assistance in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Four fire crews and an aerial ladder platform were scrambled to an address in Kensington Avenue, Thornton Heath just after midnight to persons reported.


Smoke was seen billowing from the roof of the multi-residential occupancy property.


On arrival crews in breathing apparatus entered the building to lead residents to safety when it’s understood that two firefighters came under attack with punching raining down on them.


One received damage to his jaw and need to be treated by Paramedics. A second crew member was also attacked they have been taken to the Croydon hospitila for treatment.


An investigation into the cause of the blaze has been launched by the LFB.

Officers from the Met Police are carrying out an investigation into the attack of the firefighters who as understood to be stationed at Norbury.


Both the LFB and The Met Police have been contacted for comment